iWitness Streaming

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Phone: 021 160 4677

Video streaming for your event without WiFi or power

iWitness Streaming provides low-cost, low-fuss video streaming for your event from anywhere with a mobile signal. Our compact equipment is carried by one person, allowing us to stream from any position at a venue, giving your virtual guests a first-person view.

We operate throughout the Auckland region and further afield by request.

As everything is portable and wireless, there’s no need to tape down cables or arrive hours before the event to set up. We can arrive just before you do, and then even follow you to the next part of your event.

iWitness Streaming uses the same technology the TV news organisations do to broadcast from remote locations. The video signal is split across up to four 4G devices and then recombined in the cloud. This allows us to stream a high-quality signal from any location that has even a patchy mobile phone signal.

The video is then sent to a password-protected stream on our website for your virtual guests to view. We can even stream directly to your social media accounts if you prefer.

From a rural parish chapel, to the beach and even out on to the water, iWitness Streaming allows you to share your event with those who can’t make it, or you can even invite extra guests.

Get in contact to discuss your needs: info@iwitness-streaming.com

Q: Can you operate under Covid19 Alert Level 3?

A: Yes, we can operate under level 3. For weddings, funerals and tangihanga, iWitness personnel would count towards the 10-person limit, but by streaming your event, you can share your event with an unlimited number of people.

Q: What’s the difference between you and a wedding videographer?

A: A wedding videographer, or any videographer, will shoot footage, take it away and then edit together highlights of your event. Editing is a time-consuming process and if a videographer is any good, they’ll also be busy, meaning it could be weeks or later before they deliver your finished video.

iWitness Streaming broadcasts the event live, so you can share your event in real time. We don’t edit the footage afterwards, although if there are parts of your event you’d rather not stream, we can pause and carry on when you’re ready.

Q: My friend’s got a smartphone with a brilliant camera, why don’t I get them to stream my event?

A: You totally can, but presumably you invited your friend so they could take part in your event, rather than worry about: framing the camera, recording good quality sound, making sure they have enough battery and data, setting up the stream and checking the stream is actually working.

In addition to all that, iWitness uses technology that splits the video stream across four different mobile devices using different mobile phone networks. Even if your friend checks that they have a good phone signal beforehand, once everyone and their phones crowds into the same place, that signal may not be so great. Our technology is very resilient in areas with poor phone reception.

Q: Can you stream to China?

A: Yes. Some video platforms are not able to be accessed from within China. Upon request, we employ an additional video platform which is accessible from within China.

Email: info@iwitness-streaming.com
Phone: 021 160 4677